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Data Mining with the Maximal Information Coefficient Long-term Performance of Venture Capital Funds
When evaluating Investment Funds, use Dollar-weighted Returns Hedge Fund profits flow mostly to Industry Insiders
Private Equity Bake-off: Buyout vs. Venture Capital Globalization & eCommerce: Quantifying Cross-border Integration
Creating Basic Charts using d3.js Charts for Decision 2012
Demographics, Diversity, and the 2010 Census 2010 U.S. Census Survey: Income by Ethnicity and Gender
Prosperity & Upward Mobility: US and other Countries

Lessons From the Field

In our of years of working on a broad range of data-centric projects, we've learned about & compiled domain-specific best practices (through our own experiences and through studying/interacting with domain experts). There are many areas where data-driven decision making has become common. We produced the following articles, tips, and tricks, to demystify several critical areas affecting companies of all sizes.

Search Marketing and SEO: (Technical) Tips and Factoids What you need to know about Web Analytics
How to nurture Data Scientists

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